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Why Are We Different?

The most common thing I hear from potential clients is "My last web person never called me back after my site was initially done. Am I going to be able to get assistance from you when I need it?" At Mikki Design, Mikki (Me) answers every phone call and email, on the day of that call or email! I may not complete what you need done on that day, but I will tell you when it will get done!

Mikki Design has been creating websites and graphic designs for over 9 years! In that time, "Boy have things changed as far as the web!" Of course graphic design principles will pretty much always remain the same.

Today, we are creating responsive CMS sites for clients. CMS is a program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. This means if a business wants to edit and publish their own web site, they can! Responsive means that the site will size down, depending on your browser window size, and actually be mobile device friendly.

At Mikki Design close and detailed attention is paid to picking target KEYWORDS and their positioning for every site. TITLES for you pages are very important! They appear in search engine listings and a short, attractive title may help users click through your site. . Your pages are submitted to the major browsers, Google, Yahoo and Bing, along with a sitelist.

We test our sites continually on the three major browsers; for consistent look and format and rapid downloading. To catch someone's attention today, you must do it in a few seconds. If someone has to wait to download a site - THEY JUST WON'T.